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Welcome to Gothenburg Sweden

This is our presentation of Gothenburg. The town where things happen.We are also developing code, presenting webhotell and making translations for you. If you want pages or documents translated to swedish please send a PM to webmaster on the travel-forum here >>> We've got some new best prices deal on both the airtickets and hotelsearch pages. Please look here for best deal on hotels>>> and here for best prices on airtickets>>>
billiga stugorLonely Planet counts Gothenburg as the second Best value destinations. They say that you´ve got many affordable places to visit, like the southern archipelago, lot of affordable hotels, restaurants, tivolies, museum and recreation parks.

Where is Gothenburg sweden? Well find out on the maps. See more here>>> Flight is a sight that are finding the best deals for flying. Check this and the flightnetwork for finding the best deal. The difference here is that onetravel is giving a discount on 10$ or more.

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probably the most popular town among swedes.
In Gothenburg you've got a long tradition of people working with metal, ships and houses. Most people been working on the warfs like Götaverken and with cars like Volvo and SAAB. In the sixties Gothenburg where world-famous in building supertankers. You'll still see lot of history by the harbour.
By the 19:th century millions of Swedes emigrated to the U.S through this harbour.
When you are here we would suggest going out in the southern archipelago. Like Vrango, Aspero or some of the other hundred of islands here. You'll get here convenient and cheap by using the ferry from Saltholmen.

Many are asking for how the weather is at the moment in Gothenburg. Well, mostly sunny but to be sure then please check the webcams and forecasts on Weather in Gothenburg Sweden>>>

Please add some stories and pictures to the destination-forum if you are around.

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We've tried to just pick the hotels we should use when visiting Gothenburg.
hostels for a good holiday quite affordable, rent a room from 5£ a night.
camping if you are planning to visit us during the summer and some b&b that also are quite affordable.
Remember Sweden is an arctic country so don't even think of living in tent during the winter.
how to get here
how to get here
or to other places in sweden. At the moment I believe the bus got the lowest prices in europe.
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The old buildings
have their origins from our wiking-age. The oldest part of Gothenburg is probably Gamlestan. Gamlestan where known as "nya Lodose" or New Lodose.
The archipelago just outside the city is just gorgeus through our summer. You've got thousands of beaches all by yourself.
What to do in Gothenburg
At the moment you get plenty for your money in sweden. The prices are low compared with our neighbours Denmark and Norway. My suggestion is you go out shopping or why not try our local food by the restaurants, pubs or cafées.
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