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Welcome to Gothenburg Sweden, the small town with friendly people.


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Volvo ocean race are coming to town
. The 21:th of June you'll see seven skilled crews that are coming home from a trip all around the world. I have placed some useful links and will later take some pictures from the harbour when they arrives. Check it out here>>>

old ruins
This is Elfsborg fortress
You got pleanty of old ruins round and in the city. I will tell you later on.

You are getting much value for your money in Sweden at the moment.The swedish krona is falling and it is nearly deflation here because the salary has not been rising for the last years. This means that if you are paying with Euro you´ll get 15% more then last year.

As you propably are aware of these nordic countries where home of the famous vikings that where the first europeans to discover north america. In 1933 one farmer 40 kilometers north of Gothenburg discovered a ship in his field during ploughing. This ship, Aeskekaerr ship is the only viking-ship that still remains from this period. You are actually able to see it in Gothenburg city museum. They are also showing a lot of information from this period.
gothia tower
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Planning for vacation? This year we except lot of tourists in Sweden because the swedish crown lost its currency and you´ll get much for your money both in restaurants, shops and everything else. You´ll need to book early because the camping, hotels, hostels and B&B will be occupied in a couple of months. Read more here>>>

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