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Welcome to Gothenburg Sweden, the small town with friendly people.

During christmas in Sweden you'll get all of that you´ve been dreaming of this time of year. Would you like to try some of our christmasfood? You could try making them by yourself or why not visit some of the big Smorgasbord(sandwich tables) that are common on the restaurants this year? You find a couple of swedish christmas recepies here>>> and a lot of different delicious christmastables on this page>>>

good restaurant with fish
Time for a good christmas vacation. Why not try the country where you´ll find Santa Claus. Lot pf delicous food to an affordable price, lot of tips for christmas presents. Check this out>>>
Curious about what swedes eat for christmas? Well you´ve got some recipes here>>>

old ruins
This is Elfsborg fortress
You got pleanty of old ruins round and in the city. I will tell you later on.

You are getting much value for your money in Sweden at the moment.The swedish krona is falling and it is nearly deflation here because the salary has not been rising for the last years. This means that if you are paying with Euro you´ll get 15% more then last year
gothia tower
Need a place to sleep? No problems. You'll find all types of beds here>>>. From cheap hostelbeds, camping, BandB to luxury hotels.

Take a trip out to our wonderful Archipelago. Youll find buses to the north archipelago of Gothenburg that takes you out here in no time. Our first suggestion is trying Hönö. Read more here>>>
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